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Piron Brigade

Our Freedom Their Sacrifice


Private Edouard GERARD

3rd Company - 5th Platoon - 3rd Section

Born in Dinant on the 17 February 1924

Killed in Sallenelles on the 16 August 1944

Buried at the British Military Cemetery in Ranville


Edouard Gerard was the very first to be killed from the Piron Brigade, whilst fighting for the Liberation of his country. On the morning of the 16th August 1944 both (Edouard GERARD and Camille HAUREZ) were in one of the Companies forward observation posts located at the exit of the village of Sallenelles when they suddenly came under fire from enemy mortars.

(Edouard) was killed as a result of mortar shrapnel, which had caused wounds to the spine, Private HAUREZ was also seriously wounded during the same action, but managed to get himself evacuated to safety.


See supporting testimonies of both Captain Houbion

and Lieutenant Thumas

Commemorative plate offered by his native city of Dinant, where it was fixed on the wall of the house where he was killed

Rue André Pierre Marie in Sallenelles.

There is also a further Commemorative plate in the honour of (Edouard GERARD) at the church in Ranville


Monument to the glory of the Belgian and Luxembourg soldiers of the 1st Belgian Brigade and their leader, Colonel Jean PIRON with the names of 6 soldiers fallen in Sallenelles. (Situated in the main area of Sallenelles).



Avenue Franchet d'Esperey à Dinant