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Piron Brigade

Our Freedom Their Sacrifice



2nd Company - 5th Platoon

Born in Ostende on the 4th June 1921

Killed in Sallenelles on the 17th August 1944

Buried in Ostende (23/11/44)


On the nights of the 16th  and 17th August 1944, 5th Platoon of the 2nd Company commanded by Warrant Officer (Van Remoortele) was under orders to carry out an offensive patrol into the enemy lines. It was during this patrol that the platoon came under heavy and relentless enemy machine gun and mortar fire, killing. (Raymond Van Remoortele) and injuring a further 5 soldiers all of which were evacuated to the 6th Canadian Hospital. Later on the 22nd August one of these 5 soldiers Private (Duchenes) died as a result of his injuries.


See supporting testimony of Raymond Van Remoortele

Monument to the glory of the Belgian and Luxembourg soldiers of the 1st Belgian Brigade and their leader, Colonel Jean PIRON with the names of 6 soldiers fallen in Sallenelles. (Situated in the main area of Sallenelles).