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Piron Brigade

Our Freedom Their Sacrifice


Sergeant Henri VAN DEN PLAS

1st Company - 1st Platoon

Born in Schaarbeek on the 2nd September 1921

Killed in Hôme-Varaville on the 20 August 1944

Buried in Evere


During the late afternoon on the 20th August 1944, while advancing on the coastal road from Le Hôme to Cabourg, the Lloyd Carrier Sergeant Van den Plas was travelling in, hit a "Tellermine", causing it to turn over and catch fire. Seriously injured and burned, the four members (Sergeant Van Den Plas, privates Delstanche, Claessens and Massonnet) were treated by Richard Rees a British Captain from the (195 Air Landing Field Ambulance). Unfortunately, Sergeant Van Den Plas died later that same day. Marcel Massonnet later died on the 22nd August, and Edouard Claessens also died later on the 25th August. The driver of the vehicle, private Delstanche survived and recovered, but suffered with seriousness of his injuries throughout the rest of his life.