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Piron Brigade

Our Freedom Their Sacrifice


Private Guy PONCELET

2nd Company - 4th Platoon

Born in Leopoldville (Congo) on the 4th January 1926

Wounded in Franceville on the 19th August 1944 (deceased on the 20 August 1944)

Buried in La Panne in 1980


It was at 12:10 hours on the 19th August 1944, in Merville – Franceville that privates (DERIDDER, PONCELET and CARMAUX) were seriously injured by enemy bouncing trap mines. 1st Sergeant (RAQUET) and Sergeant (BOON) went to their rescue, but another jumping anti personal mine activated killing both Sergeants instantly, both private’s (DERIDDER and PONCELET) died the next day.



A Monument to the memory of Sergeants (RAQUET, BOON) and Privates (PONCELET and DERIDDER) is located in Rue Alexandre De La Vergne in Franceville, opposite the post office.