Belgian Commandos' Fallen to the Field of Honour


MAIRESSE Marcel , 3067, L/Corp. - Fall on 23 Dec 1943 in SAN PIETRO (Italie)

After accomplished the Campaign of Libye with a Free French Forces unit, has joined the Belgian Forces. Has been volunteers at the creation of the Commandos' Unit. Has showed courage and smatness in dangerous missions. Heavy wounded during a night patrol, two kilometers in the enemy lines near San Pietro. Has supported in silence his suffering during his transport into the friend lines.

DETON Albert, 9324, Lt - Fall on 03 Jan 1944 in MONTENERO (Italie)

After having fought during the 18 days of the Campaign of Belgium, is one of the first to escape and join the Armed Belgian Forces in Great Britain. Has been one of the officers having formed and trained the Commando Unit. Has accomplished in Italy many patrols and actions through Sangro. Was for all, by its energy, its contempt of the danger, its enthusiasm, a perpetual example. Was killed on the head of his section during a night patrol, near Montenero.

MENY Adolphe, 39567, Lt - Fall on 06 Nov 1944 in DOMBURG (Walcheren) (NL)

Has showed a great courage in the operations of the Island of Walcheren in November 1944. Deals his section with his  example and his contempt of the danger. Is mortally wounded on November 5, 1944 in Domburg (Walcheren), on the head of his section while going up to the attack of nests of machine guns.

DIVE François, 0691, Cpl - Fall on 06 Nov 1944 in DOMBURG (Walcheren) (NL)

Soldier of elite, takes part with the Commando Unit in the combat of the Island of Walcheren. November 6, 1944, at the time of an attack in wood, in the north of Domburg, being gunner of Bren-Gun, he carries out, in spite of  the violent fire of the enemy, precise and daring shootings on the enemy weapons. Fallen at his post mortally wounded on the head and the shoulder by an enemy gust.